Rowe, Richard aka Peter Possum

Richard Rowe (1828-1879), under the pseudonym Peter Possum, wrote a semi-regular column titled “Country Comments on Passing Events”. It was literary and observational in style and very popular.

A collection of his various writings – including poetry, translations and essays was published in 1858, under the title Peter ‘Possum’s Portfolio. It reproduces the two part essay that was earlier published without a byline on two consecutive weeks in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Selected Articles

‘A Trip Up The Hunter’ comprises chapters 1 and 2 of Rowe’s anthology,  Peter ‘Possum’s Portfolio (1858), JR Clarke, Sydney.

When Rowe returned to Britain in 1858, his departure from Australia’s journalism community was lamented.


“Death of Peter Possum”, Obituary,  Queenslander, 14 February 1880,